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Taking advantage of this glorious sunshine to pick some marigold petals in the cottage garden today to make more of our super healing calendula oil, the key ingredient in all my natural skincare products. 

Marigolds have been used for centuries in healing and were listed in medical books as medicinal plants by medieval physicians as far back as 1578 when it was referred to as Mary's Gold named after Our Lady for the healing mothering nourishing properties of the plant, Mary's Gold over time became shortened to "Marigold" and later botanists gave it it's scientific name "Calendula Officinalis" 

One of the products we make with Mary's Gold is a super moisturiser which we solidify with local beeswax called  Chamomile & Calendula Solid Lotion Bar it is highly recommend for dry skin and treating psoriasis naturally. 

We had a lovely call and a great affirmation for this product from a Lady recently who said she wanted to personally thank us for making this as her psoriasis was so bad for over 10yrs (cracked & bleeding skin) She had tried everything her doctor prescribed and nothing worked. Her friend gave her one of our solid lotion bars, and said her husband massaged her feet with it morning & night for a few days, it healed her skin & she could walk without any pain or discomfort again. She wanted us to know that she thinks of me as her "Foot Angel" and her doctor is now recomending it to all his patients with chronic psoriasis after seeing the huge improvement in her skin

Mother Nature has all the answers and I feel very blessed to be in a position to help reawaken that in people and in turn help them heal their own skin. 

You don't need to be a hippy to believe in Flower Power.... you just need to try our products for yourself! ;)

homemade calendula oil marys gold            chamomile & calendula solid lotion bar


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  1. Mary

    Can you tell me when the next day of soap making is taking place? Thank you. I love your products. All the best. Mary. Thanks Mary! If you go to the workshop section on the main page and click on the image you will see all the information you need about our workshops and just click the hyperlink to Wells House for directions, if you need any more information please send an email to [email protected]

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